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Your Hair Appearance Doesn’t Have To Change Because Of Alopecia

The beautiful you will remain the beautiful you. Your hair appearance doesn’t have to change because of alopecia, or any of the many causes for thinning hair, or loss of hair. You can look as beautiful as you always have. You can feel as comfortable as ever in social situations. You can feel as confident as every in business meetings. And, you can feel as undaunted as ever in the delightful moments of the day. We know. Because at Elisheva Wig Salon we have been assisting women with alopecia, and other causes of hair loss, overcome the self-image problems that may arise.  We understand how important self-image is in nurturing the positive feeling that is vital for health and well-being. How you feel affects your health. We’ve seen the broad smiles of delight replace the worry-frown as our clients view their reflection in the mirror. Elisheva Wig Salon has earned a reputation in the tri-state area for being masters at the art of creating outstanding wigs. And, the reason is simple: Behind every wig is Elisheva. Recognized throughout the tri-state area as a master wig maker. With close to two decades experience Elisheva has the craftsman’s sensitivity to her material; the artist’s eye for shape and form. She personally selects every hair presented to her. Only a small portion of the hair presented to her satisfies her demanding standards. 3 All our wigs are crafted with grade 8 or higher of 100% hair, the finest hair available. The soft, natural feel is true to life and practically impossible to distinguish from your real hair.

Tax Deductions

Sales tax is required on all wigs, except for orders shipped out of New Jersey. You may file for a tax deduction if you purchase a wig for a medical reason such as chemo or alopecia. Sales tax for a cosmetic wig is not deductible. If you are on Medicare, your wig may be eligible for a tax deduction on the cost of your wig. Limits may apply.

Insurance Pre-approval

To get a medical wig, you should first get a prescription from your doctor for a “Medical Hair Prosthesis”. We will send you an estimate for your insurance company. Once approved, you can purchase a premium; all we need is a picture of your desired hair sent via email so you never have to leave your home or hospital. We will cut and style your new wig in-salon where we volunteer weekly.

A Promise from Elisheva Wig Salon

Elisheva is as demanding in the manufacturing process. Our wigs are manufactured right here in the salon. Outsourcing, mostly to China, where there is no direct control, can lead to problems due to improper processing, switching real hair for synthetics and other issues. Elisheva oversees the entire process, from the selection of the hair through every stage of the weaving, dyeing, capping, shaping and cutting. You can trust your Elisheva wig to retain its natural beauty through the rigors of the climate and usage for years to come. We understand the special needs of those suffering from hair loss temporary or permanent hair loss. All discussions are held in complete privacy. Worries and concerns fade as we take the time to answer all your questions with patience and understanding. Our goal is to allay any concern and worries, and to put you completely at ease so you are absolutely comfortable with your final wig decision. You want your wig to be fashionable, in-style and current. We excel at evaluating the many components that go into making the absolutely right selection. Facial features, hair color, curls or straight, short or long, full or are of course, areas to be discussed. But there’s more. It starts with your style, your taste, your outlook. Your choice of wig should capture your outer beauty, and your inner beauty. And, that will always be our promise to you: When it comes to your hair the beautiful you will remain the beautiful you.

Elisheva Irbauch

The Wig Selection Process

You will meet privately at the Salon with Elisheva her to discuss your hair loss issue, and concerns. You also share the aspects of your daily routine, style and fashion preferences that affect your choice. Elisheva will answer all your questions in detail, discussing every aspect of a wig which pertinent to your final decision. She will also will share with you her expertise as to what makes the Elisheva wig so truly unique and outstanding. In-depth attention is given to your specific problem. There are many forms of alopecia, such as Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, or Traction Alopecia. Hair loss may be due to stress, menopause, pregnancy, and a variety of natural or chemical causes. Understanding the cause of the hair loss, and the stages, is a vital part of selecting the right wig. The next stage is to try on a variety of Elisheva recommended wigs in various shapes and lengths, you’ll meet with the cutter, who will discuss the various options with the design and cut. If necessary, you’ll meet with the colorist to discuss the color nuances, taking into consideration your natural hair color, skin tone, and if applicable, any slight changes due to medication or treatment. There is a fitting session where any adjustments required are made to assure your 100% total comfort every moment you wear the wig. How to care for your wig is explained in depth.


Through organizations such as the American Cancer Society, we can help you get a free wig. We will also cut and style your free wig at no cost whatsoever. When you are done with your wig, please donate it to the American Cancer Society.