We provide you with the utmost knowledge, care, privacy and understanding, while giving YOU the look and style YOU want. We take the time to listen to all your hair needs, with no pressure to purchase, and consultations are always free.

Whether you own a human hair or synthetic wig, bring your wig into our shop and we will have it washed, set, and styled for you. Elisheva’s Wig Salon is committed to providing quick and quality service for our clients.  We use premium products to keep your pieces looking new so they will continue to help you look and feel your very best.


Stop by our store today, regain your self confidence, and feel your best with a luxurious Human Hair Wig or Hairpiece from our extensive Elisheva Wig Collection. 


One of the greatest benefits of synthetic wigs is that they require very little maintenance and do not have to be restyled after every wash. With synthetic hair you’ll want to steer clear of intense heat — even a short burst of heat from an oven can cause irreparable fiber damage. If style, versatility or daily styling routine is something you enjoy, human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair is the way to go.

Whether its for a special occasion, holiday, a night out let Elisheva’s team of experts restyle your wig. Let’s refresh and reset. Heat Friendly fibers need love too! We provide the pick me up that your wig has been needing. During this washing, your wig will be gently cleansed, conditioned, and restyled with the perfect pairing of heat friendly products so you can wig more and worry less.



Need your hair or wig beautifully styled for an event? We do gorgeous updo styles for all occasions – including full bridal parties! Call us to find out more!



Our certified wig stylist will perform a private and complimentary consultation with a wig purchase that will determine the best custom wig type to fit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Cutting a wig and designing it for you personally is so important. Our talented stylists look at each wig, topper or add-on as a blank canvas and enjoy cutting, thinning and reshaping it to suit your face shape and personal style for a virtually undetectable look you will feel confident in. This is available for both human and synthetic wigs.



Single color process includes complimentary styling:
      – Rooting/complimentary styling
      – Highlights/Lowlights/complimentary styling
      – Balayage
      – Color remover
      – Tonning

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Just like the hair you were born with, the hair in a human hair wig can feel dry and brittle from exposure to the elements. In summer, air conditioning dries the hair; in winter, heat dries the hair. Exposure to sun and wind can leave your cancer wig feeling dry and lifeless. If you have a colored or permed wig, the drying effects are often multiplied.

Oils from the scalp keep natural hair hydrated, but keeping your human hair wig hydrated takes additional time and attention. A human hair wig is very delicate and requires careful handling.


For human hair wigs and pieces, we offer coloring services. Coloring a wig can adjust the color to be exactly what you want, whether it’s matching your natural hair or mixing up your color, we have you covered!

Some options we offer are all over color, rooted looks, and design/highlights/lowlights:

All Over Color
Human Hair wigs typically contain colored or processed hair. The hair can fade due to environment, shampooing and wear over time. We can recolor your wig to get the hair back to its original hue and luster, making your hair look healthy and vibrant.

In order to give your style that more natural appearance, we can color the root base of many human hair wigs, to give it that outgrowth look. The root color is usually a few shades darker. This darker root look helps give it more depth and a very natural look.

Ombre, balayage, lowlights, highlights. These are some of the customized trends that add more dimension to your style to make it look more like your own natural style and at Bravadas we do it all. Bring us a picture of your desired style and together we will create your perfect look.


Our salon takes pride in helping our guests through all phases and changes in life.

With years of experience, advanced training, and research, we have chosen to specialize in hair extensions, hair additions, an full service custom wig creations.

We proudly introduce this exclusive method that will make you happy to say bye-bye to braids forever! It is an excellent (or the best) way to attach rows of hair and top pieces to the root of your hair in a quick and simple procedure.

Anchor Point System: It eliminates the bumpiness of a braid, allowing the pieces to lay flat on ones head, doesn’t track ones hair down and allows ones own hair to be incorporated into the style. This method reduces the stress on the hair because it allows alternation of the spots used to attach the pieces. When using this technique you can wash your hair, style it, sleep in it, and even swim in it! No glue, no braids.

Individuals: Why pay Great Lengths prices? We have a method that provides all the advantages of individual hair extensions at an affordable price.

Clips: Clip on rows of hair, ponytails or top pieces.

Whether you have a hair loss situation (such as Alopecia or Trichotellomania), or just want to make your own hair appear longer and/or thicker, we have a method that will work for you.



There’s nothing quite like putting on your lovely wig and stepping out with style and confidence. But when something happens to your cherished (and sometimes expensive) mane, that confidence can quickly fade.  Most problems are able to be repaired on the unit. Including rips, tears, hair loss, etc.

Repair Services Include:

  • Mending Rips and Tears (Extensive rips or tears may not be able to be fixed)
  • Replacing Hair Loss



Shopping for a wig can be overwhelming, from the different wig types to the variety of styles and colors. Then there is customizing your wig to make it look natural, plus caring for your wig to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Elisheva custom made wigs service allows the clients to customize the most luxurious wig to fit all their desires.

Elisheva provides 100% customer service starting from choosing the cap construction, the style, the color and the length of the wig, as well as instructing on how to apply, maintain, and care for the piece.

Simply let us know your preferences and your expectations, our customer care specialist will thoroughly walk you through the journey step by step.


Will shape your nails, trim cuticles, and restore tired hands with a soothing massage. Finish with a polish application of your choice. French Manicures are also available.

Shape your nails, trim cuticles, and soften callouses. Finishing with a relaxing foot massage and polish of your choice.


Unwanted body hair can become a hassle. Shaving can get the job done, but hair may appear to grow back thicker. While shaving may be easier and more convenient, the benefits of waxing can be worth the trip to Elisheva’s.

Waxing is one of the most effective methods for hair removal because it removes hair from the root, making it take longer to grow back, leaving your body smooth and hair free for longer!

Full Service Salon

Elisheva’s is a now a full Service Salon including all hair services, nails, body treatments, facials, waxing.


Our stylists understand that your hair is your most precious accessory. And, as with anything precious, we treat your hair with the love and care it deserves. Whether you want a style that’s trendy or classic, formal and professional — or something more playful and edgy — our stylists have the knowledge, skills, and creativity to help you achieve your styling needs.

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